Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stringy Summer

At the latest Holography conference you can catch a talk by the (not so) poor E. Verlinde, still confused about Louise's cosmology. He is quite happy to give up the inflationary Big Bang cosmology, but fairy fields and dark forces still lurk in his matrices. Everything is now about matrices, it seems. H. Verlinde also talks about matrices. It takes until 0:21:47 of his talk to get to the twistor intro, but at least he makes it clear that string theory is the wrong thing to be doing (I wonder if there are any talks at this string conference that are actually about string theory.) Heck, with an explanation of how Witten's continuum techniques need to be replaced by quantum geometry, it could almost be a talk by kneemo. So what's new?


  1. Thanks for pointing out the talks. It appears they are moving towards a working noncommutative N=4 SUSY. It is worth noting that the 4D QHE, which is related to the twistor instanton construction, is based on the quaternionic Hopf fibration, which is one of Atiyah's favorite maps.

  2. Thanks, kneemo. Yes, and H. Verlinde seems obsessed with regulators, which should bring him to the associahedra pretty quickly.


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