Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Witten and Gaiotto

Here is a picture of $12$ braid crossings, from the latest paper by Witten and Gaiotto on knots and four dimensional gauge theory. Mottle really needs to start criticising Witten for being a crackpot, before Witten talks about the Bilson-Thompson braid particle spectrum (which includes no fairy fields of any kind). While he's at it, Mottle should also criticise Witten for forgetting that spacetime is $11$ dimensional, and for mentioning category theory in recent papers.


  1. Don't worry, he remembers that space-time is 11-dimensional at the top of page 91. :-)

    Do you know what an "oper" is? Is it anything like an operad?

  2. On the contrary, Mitchell. At the top of page 91 he is discussing pairs of M5 branes, which may require some use of $R^{11}$, but in no way enforces a naive stringy interpretation on this space.

  3. They cite this paper for 'oper', so it is short for 'operator' and does not come from operad.


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