Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quote of the Week

Eileen Byrne points out that if a plant doesn't succeed in a garden, we ask what it is about the soil, water, sun or fertilizer that is causing the problem. We don't blame the plant first.


  1. It's the fertilizer. Definitely bad shit. (yes, I'll be here all week, but I won't quit my day job)

    jc, another plant

  2. I think it is more the environment. Plants don't get enough of space. Too much weeds :)

    I have done a cardinal mistake now. Raised my voice on Tommasos blog. I had no right to do that. Sorry Tommaso. If you do that your voice must by all terms be dark and low. Female voices become high and yellowing :) Just a name is enough. One should take a male pseudonym :)

    Males can say trivial things that 'sounds' so wise, but if a female says the same thing it is just trivial. It would be an interesting trial.

  3. Hi Ulla and JC. I prefer the fertilizer metaphor myself. We need fertilizer, but it sure stinks.

  4. Women are also treated like we are a one-time-grow plant that was just waiting for our 30s to uproot to have babies. Like science was a passing fad while waiting to be, uh, fertilized. Hey, wimmen are gonna leave science to have teh babiez so don't waste any effort helping them grow.
    jc, angry spiky plant

  5. Yeah, people stopped harrassing me about having babies only a couple of years ago, since biology began to thwart their plans for me.

  6. As I have said, having babies must be just as harnassing for men as it is for women. Nothing will happen before. I'm not saying men ought to be pregnant, but the laws should even this discomfort for women. I have 4 children:)


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