Friday, June 4, 2010

M Theory Lesson 335

Carl Brannen's spin path integral paper is now available online at Foundations of Physics.

The spin path integral is closely associated with ideas of the mathematician Kapranov about noncommutative integrals, as discussed in his 2006 paper. Recall that Kapranov uses noncommuting directions to build paths, just as in Carl's paper. At the Streetfest in 2005, Kapranov discussed categorical aspects of noncommutative integrals. Now Carl's paper directly links the particle generations to the third categorical dimension. Long live the parity cube and broken monoidal structures.


  1. Thanks Marni! I'm planning on spending more time at school this next quarter; it appears that I was more productive when I did this the first three months of the year. This last three months I've been okay at calculating, but pretty sad at writing.

  2. Carl Brannen's spin path integral paper is now (4 June 2010) also available at unless someone deletes the entry. What are some more wikipedia entries that might be need additional work or creation from scratch? democratic matrices?

  3. School is a good idea, Carl. You will have a desk, and seminars to go to. David, I'm afraid that I'm not into updating wikipedia myself, but good luck to those brave souls who do.


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