Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quote of the Decade

From the current session of U.S. Congress:


  1. "increase, to the *maximum extent practicable*, the participation and advancement of women and underrepresented minorities at every level of STEM education, including energy systems science and engineering education"

    WTF is "maximum extent practicable"? Uh, until the d00dz lose their erections having wimmins around? Until their boners are threatened by two laydeebrains? a woman dean?

    And I'd like to point out that in a 248 page document about science innovation, the word "WOMEN" appears 10 times. TOTAL. Yup, that is about the right percentage of women they are soooo concerned about, and the same micro-amount for Nobels, Academy Members, etc etc etc.

    Yo polidickers, howz bout ya enforce TITLE IX? start there mofos. And the enforcers should be WOMEN NOT MEN. kthxbai.
    jc, the practicable plant

  2. JC, I do agree. However, this is at least SOMETHING. And I just can't stop smiling at the idea of Physics dept heads being told from VERY HIGH UP to participate in gender workshops. When it comes from VERY HIGH UP ... heh, they might end up falling over trying to out do each other.

  3. OT: I tried posting an ad for Free Board on a Kiwi accommodation site ... thought why not try ... plenty of large empty houses in NZ. Needless to say, the only offers were, ah, somewhat explicitly inappropriate.

  4. I'm shocked, lemmetellya. SHOCKED. You sure "free board" didn't mean "FREE BOARD *wink*"?

    The VERY HIGH UPPERS have to put cookies on the ends of their sticks, otherwise there's no payoff for their uh, manly generosity toward women (those beings who evilly take jobs from *inset whiny whine* QUALIFFIIIED MENNNN).
    jc, the whiny plant

  5. It's better to get the "explicitly inappropriate" before you move in.

  6. Tweet from WSF '10 (World Science Festival):

    "Big applause for Bonobo's female-led societies. Bonobo women stick together to protect/support each other against males. #WSF10
    12:25 PM Jun 5th via TweetDeck

    Vanessa Woods going over the difference between Chimps and Bonobos. #WSF10"


    "No good experimentalist ever listens to theorists." - Shamit Kachru #hiddendimensions #wsf10"

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun, Chimp. Wish I would be there.

  8. "French WomenStorm the Corporate Boardroom"

    "A group of women wearing fake beards stormed the podium at Veolia Environnement's crowded shareholders' meeting in Paris last month, challenging Chairman Henri Proglio over the gender makeup of his overwhelmingly male board. "Is it really wise to allow women to define the strategy of a company, a task requiring intelligence, an ability to react, and coolheadedness?" asked a disguised member of the feminist advocacy group La Barbe, or "The Beard." She taunted the French water utility for having only one woman on its 17-member board. "

    "Corporate boards have long been criticized for being cozy clubs made up of men from France's elite administrative, business, and engineering schools, known as the grandes ├ęcoles, who often are CEOs of other big companies. Adding more women to even a fraction of French boardrooms could have a big impact on the nation's highly concentrated power structure. For instance, at CAC 40 companies, where boards are about 12 percent female, 98 directors, or 22 percent of the total, hold 43 percent of the voting rights, according to a study published in October by Ernst & Young and France Proxy, which call the group "the biggest network of influence in French capitalism." "

  9. A great Zuska quote: Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Day of Judgment, than for that university when the Title IX bandwagon rolls into their hometown and cuts off their funding. Behold, I send you forth ...

  10. Bias Called Persistent Hurdle for Women in Sciences

    "The report found ample evidence of continuing cultural bias. One study of postdoctoral applicants, for example, found that women had to publish 3 more papers in prestigious journals, or 20 more in less-known publications, to be judged as productive as male applicants."

    "But even as women earn a growing share of the doctorates in the STEM fields, the university women’s report found, they do not show up, a decade later, in a proportionate number of tenured faculty positions. "

  11. That's more than enough, Chimp. PLEASE.

  12. Universities are offering doctorates but few jobs

    Graduates frustrated by the lack of tenure-track positions available amid budget cuts are looking off campus. Many find work that wouldn't have cost them years in school or put them deep in debt.,0,6349908.story

    "As they walk in hooded robes to the strains of "Pomp and Circumstance," many students getting their doctorates this spring dream of heading to another university to begin their careers as tenure-track professors.

    But when Elena Stover

    [ she's on Facebook ]

    finished her doctorate in September, she headed to the poker tables. Frustrated with the limited opportunities and grueling lifestyle of academia, Stover, 29, decided to eschew a career in cognitive neuroscience for one playing online poker. She got the idea from a UCLA career counselor, who was trying to help her find employment.

    "The job market is abysmal, especially within the academic system," said Stover, who spent six years getting her doctorate at UCLA.

    It has never been easy to find a tenure-track teaching job. But this year, dwindling endowments and shrinking state budgets — especially in California — have made that goal more elusive than ever. Now, many graduates with doctoral degrees are finding themselves looking for jobs outside universities — jobs they probably could have gotten without five to six years of intense schooling and tens of thousands of dollars of education debt."

    "Stover, the graduate-turned-poker-player, isn't bitter about switching careers. She said she was sick of the long hours and "soul-sucking" world of academia. She still has friends who hold low-paying academic jobs who want out.

    "In retrospect, doing a PhD was not worth putting in six years of my life," she said. "But going through that whole process taught me a lot about how to work hard." "


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