Sunday, July 24, 2011

Theory Update 94

Recall that beta decay composes a triplet of braids to create the down quark of the neutron or mirror neutron.

Observe how vertical composition results in a matter-antimatter pairing for the charged particles, but not for the neutral ones. That is why the neutral particle masses can differ without strictly violating CPT. M Theory can be taught to school children.


  1. I just had an odd thought. Where the standard model has fields, the MSSM has superfields; one superfield for every standard-model field (except that you have two Higgs doublets rather than one). Doesn't this imply that there is a canonical extension of the Bilson-Thompson mapping to the MSSM? The rule for the extension is simply, "use the corresponding superfield from the MSSM".

    There is some weakly octonionic numerology associated with the MSSM. So if you're trying to get the standard model from a mapping of the exceptional Jordan algebra onto braids, maybe the MSSM is there in the background somewhere.

  2. Mitchell, why should I care about the MSSM? As far as I know, the MSSM has an extremely poor grasp of quantum gravity, and is in disagreement with the existential status of fairies. Of course, QG should be powerful enough to recover ANY complicated mathematical construction associated to the SM. But so what? I prefer to stick to the physics.


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