Sunday, July 24, 2011

Theory Update 93

Repetition is tiring, but what else can one do. So once again: why are there no zombie superpartners or fairy fields?

The stringers' extension of classical symmetries to supersymmetric analogues assumed that quantum gravity hinged on convenient gauge theory techniques, learned from the ordinary model for QFT. The ad hoc extension of multiplets from representation theory does not at all address the basic question that 20th century QFT poses: why representation theory and why these representations? When spacetime is emergent, there are no points to attach symmetries to! And emergent localization begs a redefinition of particle, since the old definition utterly hinges on manifest locality. This has always been obvious.

But more troublesome for stringers is probably the fact that an alternative ribbon spectrum exists, in a framework that can derive M Theory.

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