Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fairies from Europe IV

Why wait for Fermilab and CERN, when you have a Phil Gibbs' bootleg combined fairy field exclusion plot!


  1. According to Tommaso, the official LHC excluded everything, but from 114-130. A Tevatron press release, with extra precison says 114-137. So, perhaps, the next bootleg graph will exclude everything!

  2. Yes, Daniel, when the LHC's $5 \textrm{fb}^{-1}$ are used, I guess at least bootlegging will close the last window.

  3. No Kea, I really mean within a few days in the bootleg version, not with 5fb^-1 :. If you notice, the highest expected observed data, near 100GeV, already crosses 95% exclusion zone. So, it is very likely that with more refined data even the observed data will be observed.

    To support this assertion, notice that the individually booleged LHC and the Tevatron exclude much less than the official, yet to be shown, exclusion zones. So, expect that the bootleg combination of the official plots to exclude everything.


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