Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Shouldn't Be Alive

Now airing on the Animal Planet documentary series I Shouldn't Be Alive is the story of two women, stuck on a ledge in a storm in the Arthur's Pass area in late 2003.

Comments spoiler alert.


  1. Saw the tail end on TV last night and was amazed by your story!! How did you manage to stay awake for 8 days straight? And what were the temps? I am just in awe and am glad you and your friend made it out alive.

  2. Hi Tacy, thanks. The first 5 days or so the temperature hovered around 8 or 9 degrees C, but when the southerly came through it dropped below zero and there was snow. Knowing that death is the alternative is quite an incentive to staying awake, as it turns out.

  3. Hi Marni,
    I just saw your story here in the USA and am very amazed. I believe God had to be watching over you. Bob

    2Peter 5:7


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