Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fairy Fun

I am not in any way endorsing the latest trendy pop physics book, but Colbert is a genius.


  1. Kea,

    A most delightful interview. Guess someone has to be the new Carl Sagan.

    BTW the braiding methods will not just go away they are an essential part of the picture.

    Surely some truths of science don't just vanish after all the expense and loss of jobs of people keyed up who loose their edge when we need or want them again.

    The PeSla (BTW the news last week or so said that in the USA there has not been much progress in the numbers of women in science).

  2. I have never watched Cobert but his questions and subtle cut even masterful cliche comments were very good. I myself would not want to lay in the grass with Brian Cox and look at the stars :-)

    The PeSla

  3. If civilisation continues, which is somewhat doubtful, I am sure the truths of science will survive. Individual scientists, however, are clearly irrelevant, especially if they are just silly women.


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