Friday, July 29, 2011

Fairy Fun II

Isn't the internet entertaining? For around a decade now humanity has recorded opinions, paper drafts, heated debates and notable silences. Even for stringers. All independently date and time stamped. You can say you thought one thing, but if you said another, then you may have some trouble convincing people that you are not deluded. Especially if your denial is vehement.


  1. Marni, I read this paper:

    And now I finally understand how a huge thing is your work and Branne`s with MUB. I am really impressed and I wonder why people do not pay attention to these things.

  2. Thanks, Daniel. Sorry I deleted your first comment, but it was redundant. Many people go to a great deal of trouble to ignore all our work. It is no mystery. Scientists are merely human, it would seem.


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