Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Bump Goes Away

Now D0 tells us there is no CDF bump! Wow. A disappearing $4$ sigma bump. What is a poor theorist supposed to do? I was so trusting of the CDF result, that I spent a good week thinking about the damned bump and deciding it was probably real. Perhaps we should just forget about the HEP experiments, except for a little cheer when they finally exclude all the fairy fields. Plenty of new physics in the sky and in smaller laboratories ...


  1. Well, we should still be cheering on LHCb, of course.

  2. Experimenters are just desperate to justify their funding and discover something, anything.

  3. Perhaps, but I find it hard to believe these collaborations could be in any way incompetent, even if some fraction of their members are. Let's see ...


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