Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In The News

OK, so everyone knows this already:

$\bullet$ The LHC continues to restrict the possibilities for Susy.
$\bullet$ The Tevatron will shut down in October. Presumably, they have finally figured out that fairy fields do not belong in Science.
$\bullet$ LIGO improves limits on astrophysical gravity waves. Who believes in them, anyway?
$\bullet$ At NASA, Fermi has photos of antimatter from thunder storms.
$\bullet$ A dwarf galaxy hides a supermassive black hole!


  1. A non physicist told me yesterday that the term God particle referred to the fact that physicists couldn't be bothered explaining anything.

  2. I heard that the original title was meant to be "the god damn particle" as in "where is that god damn particle?". (It's probably not true...)

  3. Lol, that's a good one, Simon.

  4. Antimatter from thunderstorms? That means also plasmoids. And many other things must produce antimatter, (LHC?, antihydrogen, maybe even living things)?

    Antimatter as antimuons is making up the most of matter, as Graham said?

    That's why we need so little energy to computate withour brains? Because we get it from the decay of antimatter? The other part make up an invisible 'body' composing of an alloalpha with a higher hbar?

    What relation have antimatter and dark matter?


  5. Ulla, the neutrinos prove that there is a close connection between matter, mirror matter and antimatter ... but the details are still being worked out.


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