Monday, November 15, 2010

Dark Matter Action

At Scilogs we hear about a July 2010 seminar by MOND proponent Pavel Kroupa. As everyone will learn in Dark Matter Awareness Week, MOND is now in better agreement with the galactic data than the Standard Cosmology, which can best be described as Plain Wrong.

Scilogs also invites us to a Dark Matter debate on November 18, in Bonn, between Kroupa and Professor White. If you are over that way, it may be quite a lot of fun, even if the correct viewpoint is not mentioned. MOND is a very useful empirical tool, but by itself offers no fundamental physical explanation for the observed effects of Dark Matter in galaxies.


  1. I thought of a nice title for my first theory seminar on Dark Matter:
    Dark Matter Through the Looking Glass:
    NOT for WIMPs or MACHOs.

  2. Thanx again for the linx. We have reason to mistrust anything with "dark" in the title. Something that sounds like "dark side of the force" will never gain wide acceptance.

  3. You are most welcome, Louise. I cannot understand why the Dark Side is so tempting. Long ago (last year) I purchased some oysters, for the first time in years, but they just were not worth it. There is nowhere left on Earth with oysters like I remember them as a child, when my country was still mostly devoid of people. Why sell out the Earth, going to the Dark Side, when you know that Mephistopheles is offering a bum deal?

  4. Let me point out that the debate between Pavel Kroupa and Simon White is NOT a debate MOND vs DM, but focusses on the question 'does DM exist?'.

    In case you're interested in the event you can watch the podcast some time afterwards here:
    or you can follow the live-blog here:


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