Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dark Matter Week II

As promised, I have joined the Dark Matter Awareness campaign and arranged to give the seminar at VUW on December 7 at 2pm.


  1. Thanks, Paul. Now the organisers can add a Google flag to New Zealand!

  2. I listened to Narlikar talk down the Standard Big Bang model at University of Washington yesterday. Nice lecture but wow, I can't believe how bad the speech was.

    It was like a boring lecture back from when I was in school 20 years ago. I've been assuming that pedagogy had improved since then. I spent most of the hour watching the clock and estimating the number of slides per minute. It would have taken half the time if he'd just let us read them to ourselves.

  3. Oh dear, Carl, but I'm afraid that this is all too common. In my experience, some people have never felt any need to improve their speaking skills.

    I went to an enormous effort to learn how to give good seminars, since I was terrible when I was younger. Now they are sometimes good and sometimes average, depending mostly on how welcome I feel. Anyway, I am looking forward to Dark Matter Awareness week.


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