Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shrinking Space

I never noticed the appearance of this new D0 paper on MSSM bounds, until Marco said that it made Lubos sad. Apparently D0 have just excluded a large favoured chunk of parameter space for the $\tan \beta$ parameter, which involves multiple fairy fields in the MSSM. Cheer up, Lubos, there is still a little white space left. Then again, there comes a point when one should probably cut one's losses ...

Actually, if there were fairy fields they would probably satisfy the popular stringy value of $\tan \beta = 36$, since this is the ratio of Koide scales that we obtain for the top and bottom quarks.


  1. MSSM may someday be parametered out of existence. Advantage of string theory over supersymnetry is that it doesn't make a single testable prediction.

  2. Poor Lubos. It is hard to put all in one card :)


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