Saturday, August 7, 2010

Verlinde in May

I finally got around to watching the Verlinde talk at PI on emergent gravity. Surprisingly, it's not bad, after the slow introduction. He somehow avoids talking about string theory, he dislikes the multiverse, and he even admits in the question time that the so called holographic screen (where the information sits) may be more abstract than a spatial surface. He also carefully explains the importance of using an observer time, and admits that his current analysis is very heuristic.

When asked whether the cosmological implications (for a quantum cosmology) might include some wishy washy dynamical appearance of classical space, Verlinde quickly says that this cannot be right because the emergence of Newton's law suggests a new classical picture. He does not seem to have noticed the work of Louise Riofrio and others on exactly this point, spanning some years, but times must be changing when stringers no longer talk about strings.


  1. An observer time? That is two different times.

    On his homepage he said earlier this gravity version isn't so stringy. He do not believe in stringtheory any more?

    Have you noticed that nonstringers has become stringy? TGD and MSSM? A new time has come?

    There is so much thunder in the air now, so I can't see the video. Maybe later.

    His talk at the congress:

  2. Yes, things in physics do seem to be improving, even if some of us starve to death while watching others living richly and being patted on the back for ideas we have worked on for years.

  3. Verlinde cannot need an observer time for anything else than subjectivity and consciousness, information. What is making the choice against higher entropy?


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