Monday, July 26, 2010

Meanwhile IV

This morning I received yet another unsolicited email from the Perimeter Institute in Canada. I was told that I should apply for a full time job with them, tutoring young students about the content of exciting lectures by leading physicists and incorrect approaches to quantum gravity. I told the man, in what may be considered quite clear terms, that I did not consider this a suitable position. Undeterred from his impossible mission to find a qualified woman, he replied with further information about the school. I have to say that the proposed lectures on twistor QFT do look like a lot of fun, and there is not that much time devoted to the so called quantum gravity theories. But ... once you sell your soul, there is no turning back.

Meanwhile, as the blogosphere has noted with varying forms of relish, John Baez has a new blog focusing on climate issues. I have found that he still does not like critical comments from crackpots like me. A commenter on Lubos' blog provides some entertaining links from the blog El Naschie Watch, such as this post on the 2008 news article entitled Garrett Lisi: this surfer is no Einstein, by the Oxford mathematician Marcus du Sautoy.

Back in New Zealand, this norwester is a bit of a worry given my travel schedule, but I'll take what comes.

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