Saturday, August 7, 2010

Comments Back On

Comments on this blog have been turned back on, but they will now be moderated. Blogs are not democracies, and I will delete anything that I feel like deleting. Commenting on a blog does not make anyone the blogger's personal friend. Reading a blogger's facebook page does also not make anyone the blogger's personal friend.


  1. Guess that was for me :) It is known already. No worries.

    Happy you have got your life rearranged.

  2. Ulla, this was not particularly for you. And my life is not yet rearranged, but there is some hope for next week.

  3. I've just had the novel experience of being censored by Peter Woit! I had two pro-string comments deleted from his recent post about holographic superconductors.

  4. Mitchell, we are censored by Woit all the time. He loves to delete comments.


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