Monday, August 9, 2010

Meanwhile V

Although deserving its reputation for wind and rain, Wellington is considerably warmer than the far south. Things have been going reasonably well so far. I was certainly not encouraged to come here, but when I arrived I found a few very helpful people. I have found a cheap flat for the present, in the outer suburbs, and although the train or bus fares into the city are a stretch on my budget, the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences have kindly given me a desk in the adjoining MacDiarmid Institute. Visiting particle physicists or mathematicians are welcome to look me up.


  1. Wellington? WAU, the place my brothers daughter visited. She get on well there.


    Seen that?

  2. Congratulations. As strange as it may sound, I hope you know that there about a thousand eyes on you right now, and they're all very happy to see that you did not sell yourself out to the Perimeter Institute. Apparently good things do come to those who wait.

  3. Thanks, Shawn. I certainly hope you are right, but for now I am still busy rationing my train fares and vegetables.


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