Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mixing Paper

Despite reasonable comments from the reviewer, the editor of the journal decided to reject my new mixing preprint on the grounds that I should send it to a particle physics journal. Based on past experience, there does not seem much point in doing that, so here it is.


  1. How annoying. That is one of the excuses editors use when a paper is not rejected by the reviewer as they had hoped. They want to filter out anything that they are not sure will help their impact factor by being well cited, i.e. anything that is not already being researched by lots of people.

    Of course there are always less well known journals who are not so obsessed with impact factors, but they may not have the impact you require, catch 22.

  2. Actually, the reviewer did suggest to the editor that the paper be submitted to a particle physics journal, but the editor could have sent the paper to a second reviewer. I think that would have been more ethical. Anyway, I don't see the point in trying to publish anything when nobody ever reads anything I write.


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