Friday, October 14, 2011

Superluminal Astrophysics II

What the mountain of new hep-ph reports won't tell you is that apparent superluminal motion is possible within classical general relativity, such as in an application of the Kerr metric to black hole jet observations. Jets of quasars, like 3C273 and 3C345, also exhibit apparent superluminal motion, if one takes seriously the redshift as a distance indicator.


  1. The neutrino results have let a lot of interesting discussions out of the bag. There are many ways to apply Relativity without a constant c, so why do academics insist that it is constant? Even Einstein himself insisted that fixed c was a stipulation, which he was free to remove. I know from having recently sat in Einstein's lap.

  2. They do it because they can publish papers that way, and that's how they keep their jobs. Science be damned.


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