Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quote of the Day

Of course you ... won’t ever change your opinion about XYZ, because after so many years of being such a clever person, you have the only reasonable opinion about XYZ that all truly reasonable Scotsmen can possibly have, no doubt about that, I know.
Sascha Vongehr


  1. That was an awesome post. My favorite quote: "Only in rare events, when they are caught off guard, taken by surprise as in the case of the recent neutrino observations, do scientists ever reveal hidden aspects, like that they themselves hardly ever follow the so called “scientific method” they preach. The public may not understand much science, but you do not need to learn Latin in order to understand that the catholic priests talk Latin just so you won’t understand."

    Meanwhile, I'm working on a superluminal neutrino paper with a professional coauthor who is handling the messy QFT calculations. We should finish up next week. We give an informal talk on Tuesday.

    I wonder how many papers arXiv is getting that are being rejected. I would think more papers would be out there otherwise.

  2. So I guess you can post papers on the arxiv now, too. Well, send us a link when it's up!


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