Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another Neutrino Paper

So you thought FLT neutrinos at OPERA were, all on their own, completely crazy? Hell, as they say, you ain't seen nothing yet.

For some time, Professor Fischbach and collaborators have been working on time varying nuclear decay rates, here on Earth. Decay rates appear to be correlated with the Earth-Sun distance. I wrote to Professor Fischbach about the possibility of a crazy neutrino theory, before the OPERA result of course, but he did not appear to be interested.

Anyway, recall that Louise Riofrio has long argued that $c$ was larger in our cosmic past. Could the OPERA neutrino speed, $v > c$, be associated with a time slightly in our past? Let us look at the numbers. The measured $v$ corresponds to a very, very small redshift of $z = 5 \times 10^{-5}$. Translated into a distance, using Louise's rule, we find a distance of around $3$ light hours, roughly the distance from the Earth to the Sun. If a constant $v$ can indeed be associated to a tachyon rest mass, then the heavier the mass, the closer $v$ lies to the local value of $c$.

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