Saturday, October 8, 2011

Neutrino Paper of the Day

From 2002:
Dynamical Electroweak Symmetry Breaking by a Neutrino Condensate
Stefan Antusch, Joern Kersten, Manfred Lindner, Michael Ratz

We show that the electroweak symmetry can be broken in a natural and phenomenologically acceptable way by a neutrino condensate. Therefore, we assume as particle content only the chiral fermions and gauge bosons of the Standard Model and in addition right-handed neutrinos. A fundamental Higgs field is absent. We assume instead that new interactions exist ...


  1. This clearly refers to the same particle set as the extended Bilson-Thompson set.

  2. One of the authors has more recently discussed a non zero $\theta_{13}$ in trimaximal mixing. They predict

    $\theta_{13} = (\sqrt{2}/3)(m_2/m_3)$

    in which we plug the Koide neutrino masses to obtain

    $\theta_{13} = 0.083$

    which is at the lower end of the T2K range. This has

    $\sin^{2} \theta_{13} = 0.007$.

  3. Doh, I mean

    $\sin^{2} 2 \theta_{13} = 0.027$.

    Note that the predicted $theta_{13}$ is very close to $1/12$.


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