Friday, September 30, 2011

Quote of the Day

Thanks to Ohwilleke for pointing out this 2009 paper on neutrino condensates and dark energy. It should have been cited earlier by Graham and me, even though the analysis is only in terms of traditional CMP thinking. Notable quotes include:


  1. Don't be put off by the term Dark Energy. If the so called Dark Forces are explained by the physics underlying the SM, then they aren't really Dark Forces, are they? And Louise's varying $c$ picture for supernovae redshifts (and hence no DE) is quite compatible with categorical neutrino condensates.

  2. Funny how one third of the world's population is suddenly more of a neutrino expert than I am. Most of them, including the physicists and opinionated groupies, never gave neutrinos a thought until last week. If they are not neutrino experts, they seem to be metrology experts, despite never having worked as a metrologist in any way or form, and being so much cleverer than all other metrologists that they can instantly spot the OPERA errors after reading a few blog posts.

    This internet thing ain't gonna work until people get some Perspective.


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