Friday, July 15, 2011

Quote of the Week

Dear You ****,

Could you please sketch what is happening in your skull and the chemistry of your hormones? I am a bit interested in biology and I would like to know something about the hormones of lower life forms that happen to survive at CERN.

Phil, it’s kind of interesting that despite my blog’s 4 times higher traffic relatively to yours, I didn’t get any hate mail or complaints from similar **** *** who have **** and **** with ***** through their ****** every night, producing **** **** along the way. As you can imagine, Phil, I am jealous. To summarize, *** your **** you **** CERN ***** and **** off.
Mottle at viXra, in response to some moron from CERN who thought Phil was to blame for the latest fairy field leaks.


  1. That was entertaining. Perhaps my first smile today. My life being essentially the opposite of yours, I'm swamped with moving my massive rat pack to the new location. About half done.

  2. when poor, the more often one moves, the fewer belongings one has. It makes life simpler.


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