Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cosmo Crisis II

One very nice talk at the conference, by Itzhak Bars, discusses the necessity of antigravity between bangs and crunches, using a special potential that is amenable to analytic solution. This is motivated by conformality conditions in Bars' two time physics, and their claim is that antigravity is unavoidable at singularities even in a semiclassical analysis. Possible observational consequences will be considered in future work.


  1. His solution looks like Loop Quantum Cosmology. Is that a coincidence?

  2. Daniel, I would hesitate to insult Bars in this manner, but no doubt you have some specific point in mind beyond the very basic idea of a cyclic picture, which I am by no means advocating. As our knowledge of QG slowly improves, it is not surprising to find similarities between different programs.


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