Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Rebels Strike Back

Universe Today reports on a new study showing that the Dark Force is bad for physics.
Now, a new study reveals an alternative theory: that the expansion of the universe is actually due to the relationship between matter and antimatter. According to this study, matter and antimatter gravitationally repel each other and create a kind of antigravity that could do away with the need for dark energy in the universe.


  1. Very interesting. It has even been conjectured that matter and dark matter repel each other. Both effects might be contributing.

    During early times, other effects like tachyon condensation could also contribute to expansion.

  2. Fascinating! Fermilab has been proposing an experiment to determine whether antimatter has negative gravitational pull. General Relativity is said to predict that matter and antimatter are mutually attractive. If someday we find that antimatter behaves differently than matter, it is one more needed modification to GR. (in addition to considering c a variable.) Yes, "dark energy" has been very, very bad for physics.

  3. This is the experiment mentioned in the paper.

  4. I recall reading many years ago that antimatter and antimatter repel.

  5. Yes, ThePeSla, it is not in itself a new idea.


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