Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Neutrino Update

It is now almost a year since MINOS first released their controversial results, which they have now improved to the point that one should take seriously the idea of different masses for neutrinos and antineutrinos mirror neutrinos. That is, the alternative hypothesis is apparently already ruled out. If you're around, you might catch this MINOS seminar on May 1. Graham Dungworth tirelessly updates the Galaxy Zoo thread, in the vain hope that someone will eventually show some interest. Meanwhile, you can hear about T2K initial results from PI. Their findings are so far consistent with the MINOS (and other) results, putting the $\Delta m_{23}^{2}$ at $2.4 \times 10^{-3}$.


  1. Meanwhile the NZ government fundamental research fund has of course rejected my neutrino cosmology proposal. One suspects that (a) they spoke to the wrong people regarding these ideas and (b) they failed to espy any business opportunities therein.

  2. Perhaps we might, once again, reiterate the simplicity of the Koide masses:

    1. Set a unit for mass, such as eV.
    2. Use Brannen's method to fit the three known neutrino masses to the discrete Fourier transform of a real diagonal, using the known Koide lepton parameter $2/9$ plus one auxiliary phase $\pi/12$, the letter being derived from physical arguments.
    3. Use the complementary phase $- \pi/12$ to obtain three mirror neutrino masses, in quantitative agreement with the MINOS results. Yes, quantitative agreement.

  3. Kea,

    Last night from a different perspective and language I would have to conclude you guys are right.

    But as to the business opportunities of this, well that is a most interesting thing to think about.

    The PeSla

  4. Yes, ThePeSla, the greatest irony of all is that one probably could come up with a myriad of business opportunities, if one had the imagination. Alas, most people lack either the imagination or the inclination.


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