Friday, February 4, 2011

Theory Update 56

A natural way to turn rooted trees into braid elements is with a pseudoline arrangement. For a chorded pentagon we obtain pseudolines on three strands, as shown.


  1. So for the associator edge, there are only two strands in the pseudoline arrangement. One can move both strands together vertically, on either the left or right hand side of the square. They must swap over. We can assign a sign $\pm$ to the crossing on the braid.

  2. Kea,

    I found the pseudoline arrangement link most fascinating and in it I felt very much at home.

    It is becoming clearer to me what some of the issues and differences are among us all.

    Certainly, such theories applied have to explain particle decay as observed in the LHC and predict others no matter what the general background description of space.

    Anyway, I can understand what you discuss after sifting thru this link, a little better.

    It seems there is always investment in broken promises, a lot of students with degrees and no middle class economy for jobs.
    As if the powers that be think this is not real and important work.

    The PeSla


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