Monday, December 13, 2010

The Future

Many writers over the last week have expressed confusion at the support shown by feminists for the jailed leader of Wikileaks, accused of rape. I think Naomi Wolf summed it up pretty well when she thanked Interpol for suddenly initiating a new program to chase creepy guys around the world, several million of which every free woman has met.

But this is not about one man. It is about a barbaric world that would elevate heroes and abuse women, grant power to the greedy and make slaves, once again, of the poor. Our time will be remembered for its acceptance of all manner of deceit, as the once rich cling to the empty promises they made their children, letting the Earth die for hollow dogmas.

To those who would shoot down free speakers, for wanting to bring down the world they know, I ask you this: does your world even have a future? Is changing nothing even acceptable any more? Is the patriarchal 20th century, under any of its political systems, a fine model for all time to come? Will your children be happy when their city is filled with starving invalids and there are no more fish in the ocean? In a society with a ballooning complexity, the old system of strictly hierarchical reward is unsustainable. Unsustainable systems collapse.

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