Thursday, December 2, 2010

Elliptical Dwarf

Universe Today reports on the latest exciting finding on elliptical galaxies. There are far more red dwarfs in these galaxies than in the spiral Milky Way.

No, this does not fix the dark matter problem. But it does even out the anomalous Dark to Light mass ratio, which was very high for dim galaxies, potentially bringing the galactic dark matter profiles closer to a totally universal one, as is suggested by empirical modified gravitational laws.

Don't forget Dark Matter Awareness Week next week!


  1. Gee, the LCDM cosmology is not only dead. It's now a rotting corpse.

  2. Something new to think about: this suggests a new galactic DM fraction of roughly 70%, slightly lower than before. This gives very close to TWICE the Riofrio fraction of 4.5% for the 'baryonic' matter, keeping the total matter abundance constant. Does this mean half baryonic and half Graham D's atomic DM?


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