Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dark Matter Week

December 1-8 is Dark Matter Awareness Week! What is your institution doing to raise awareness of Dark Matter? According to the organisers:
It should be emphasised first that the goal is neither to disseminate amongst physicists and astrophysicists the evidence for a dark component in galaxies, nor to overstate its scientific importance compared with other cosmological and astrophysical issues. Regular meetings, workshops and conferences are instituted to achieve these goals. The aim of DMAW 2010 is instead to provide scientists working in many different areas, related in several different ways to dark matter, an improved knowledge of the phenomenology of its distribution in galaxies.
They ask for participation through local seminars, and to make it easy for lazy people they will provide a seminar template on galactic dark matter. Of course I registered myself as a participant, by promising to give a seminar on Tuesday Dec 7 at 2pm at VUW. It remains to book a room and find a few audience members!


  1. In case you might miss this recent paper, which you may have a lot more to comment on than I:

    "An interface between physics and number theory"

  2. The abstract sounds very interesting ... though presumably still within the Connes Kreimer Feynman framework. They really need to start thinking in terms of twistor geometry etc. Anyway, at present I am focused on the physics. The Riemann hypothesis won't be solved without it.

  3. Just saw this:

    Fourth Flavor of Neutrino? Physics Experiment Suggests Existence of New Elementary Particle

    Thought that Graham and Marni might find this interesting. You too Carl.


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