Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dark Matter Update

A recent run of outstanding posts by leading cosmologist Louise Riofrio has resulted in renewed anonymous attacks on our technical arguments, along the lines of
what a bunch of crap
your behavior is a striking example of why you are considered to be crackpots.
No evidence that these critics actually know any physics has been forthcoming. Meanwhile Graham D discusses Louise's matter abundance fractions, which have now been confirmed by WMAP. We are familiar with the baryonic fraction $\Omega_b = 1 - 3/ \pi$. Graham D points out that the dark matter fraction is approximated by the simple volume ratio

$\frac{4/3 \pi R^3}{2 \pi^2 R^3} = \frac{2}{3 \pi} = 0.21221$

of an ordinary sphere to the volume of real spacetime. Louise's exact figure, however, is $0.23872$ which equals $3/(4 \pi)$. We obtain this fraction with the inverse volume rule

$\Omega_d = \frac{R^3}{4/3 \pi R^3} = \frac{3}{4 \pi}$

simply canceling the $R^3$. For each spherical piece of ordinary flat cosmos, the dark matter is taking up a cubical fraction. Even a child could predict future WMAP results.


  1. Thanks again! A child really can figure this stuff out. I have great hope for today's children, who will grow up knowing what some "adults" are too thick to understand.

  2. Yes, today's children are not so ignorant. I just hope that their parents and grandparents don't stuff up their world any more than they already have.


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