Saturday, May 15, 2010

Welcome Jessica

Welcome back to Jessica Watson, who has just arrived in Sydney harbour. She will soon be celebrating her 17th birthday.


  1. I heard it on the news here in Finland :)

  2. Yeah, it's on CNN and BBC. Many people told her not to go, but of course they were just sexist idiots because she is a very capable young woman.

  3. "When Girls Take Over"

    pic 1, pic 2

    "Ana Beatriz - Bia on Transworld Sports"

    "I want to win, I want to fight for the title

    There are very few women in Auto Racing. Currently, you can count on 1 hand of women who compete in the upper echelon of the Sport.

    Sadly, the chauvinism is not limited to the race-track. In Brazil, women drivers are the butt of jokes like in other countries. Here a common insult is "oven driver". Brazilian men commonly forget that we women are regarded as better drivers. And, it's not just an opinion, we pay a lower insurance premium because they crash far often than we do. This "oven driver" business they come up with is such rubbish! (laughing)

    However, it wasn't plain sailing for Bia.

    My agents thought it would be good for me to learn the hard way in England. My life was tough, & they made it difficult in every way. They gave me a bicycle rather than a car. I just had enough moneyto eat. I had no luxuries whatsoever, all that discipline made me grow up. And, I feel much stronger. As I'm now tougher than the girl back in 2005.

    2007 was tough for Bia Figuereido, she didn't compete all year

    At the end of it, her agents thought it would be better across the Atlantic in North America Indy Lights, formerly known Indy Pro Series. I wasn't disappinted, but rather I was bewildered. My greatest dream was to compete in Formula 1.

    Motor Racing in Brazil means...Formula 1. When I went to the States I was a bit confused.

    Female drivers are definitely making a mark in the Sport. Although, there have only been 5 in Formula 1. And, it's tough for women, it's not only the prejudice but limitations in their strength

    It's not just the cars that have to have grunt in Motor Racing.

    Because I'm a woman, I don't have the strength in the muscles like the guys have. That's why I train really hard, so I can hold on to the car. You need a lot of stamina in the sport. Muscle strength is very important. And, there's the issue of dealing with G-forces in the corners. It's very physical.

    Despite the support female drivers receive in the USA, both in Indy Lights & IRL, where there are 3 women drivers competing this year. Bia has to work doubly hard to beat the prejudice. They may receiver the attention of the media, but a female driver has yet to win in IRL or Indy Lights.

    For me it would be a challenge to win a race in Indy Lights, never mind to fight for the title. I'm sure the American men will be very supportive. And, that's where it will make the difference.
    I don't want to be the best female driver, but the best driver full stop.

    Bia will have no lack of support, as she sets off to conquer the States. Renamed "Ana Beatriz" for the American Media, she's driving for Sam Schmidt Motorsports, the Indy Lights team which has won 3 titles in the last 4 years, including the last two.

    Driving a very competitive car, & with a proven team supporting her. Bia Figuereido, or Ana Beatriz as she is known now, looks to be on her way to the big time, bigger & better things.

    Indy Lights is the last stage before I reach the top category, like Indycar. That's why my results now are so important If I succeed, I have the chance to drive in Indycar, & my dream is join a competitive IRL team so I can fight for the title.

    "Ana Beatrix talks about her win"

    Ana is driving in this years Indy 500 with D&R Racing, won last year by New Zealander Scott Dixon.

  4. Chimp, since when was this a blog about motor sport? Keep it short, or it will get deleted.


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