Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kea At Work

far away


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    1. Kea,

      The scenes of the Parrot blew me away- I quite imagined Kea at work turning the helix around to open the box and find the goodies hidden inside- that or the sequence of treats falling down in the gravity.

      Nice metaphors for twistor and momentum space considerations, perhaps.

      The PeSla

  2. The Pe Sla, they are even more fun in their natural habitat. Alas, their numbers are in rapid decline, due to introduced predators and other human influences. I think they just would escape extinction, through adaption, if it weren't for the fact that some fuckwits still poach them. Not for money (their carcasses are worthless) but out of sheer spite (most moronic urbanites don't like being outwitted by a bird, and they have some bizarre notion that the kea should respect human property laws - like we respected theirs?).

    But I remember the days when gangs of teenage kea would haunt all the main climbing huts/camps. They certainly know how to open and close bolt latches, so hut doors had to be fitted with heavy iron bars. Apparently they once locked two climbers in a hut by bolting the door on the outside. I am sure it was deliberate. And my favourite: at French Ridge we would always warn the foreigners to keep their boots inside (rather than dry them on the deck) so they only had themselves to blame when the kea dragged a boot to the 1000m drop near the hut. You would enjoy the 'keeeawww' cry of amusement as they watched it drop off.


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