Friday, January 27, 2012

Dark Matters

Recent dark musings now summarised on vixra.


  1. Note, as usual, that this does not exclude an effective MOND law for galactic rotation curves etc.

    1. Kea, I am impressed. As Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said in your link MOND :

      "The more people don't explore new ideas, the more you can play with them;)"

      But I do not regard these ideas as unorthodox but the new physics mainstream, and your paper a critical insight (of course your explorations will surely evolve more).

      You and some of the other bloggers have deep and fundamental connections here in this age of awakening.

      I am glad I do not play alone in the sandbox... whatever the nature of sand. New and informal speculations posted mentions your insights, synchronously it seems.

      The Pe Sla (who is wondering if the crack sand for natural gas recovery will have its cost on the health and environment... here from he Sandhills of Wisconsin.)

  2. Thanx again for the linx. Your posts show that the best work gets done out of the spotlight. The list of papers about a changing speed of light grows every day.

  3. Actually, it all seems pretty mainstream nowadays. We seem to have entered the 'I knew that all along' phase.


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