Thursday, December 15, 2011

Through The Looking Glass IV

I glanced at the Higgs paper a year or two ago, but since I was not familiar with the proof of the four colour theorem, and I did not believe in localised Higgs states, I put it aside and forgot about it. Here is an old blog post by the authors.

Now we see that the construction looks much like the $12 + 12 = 24$ dimensions of a tetractys core. There are $12$ sectors on each sheet of their particle frame, left and right. Like the $B_3$ braids, each sector has a triplet structure.

The Higgs particles are supposed to form Cooper pairs, which must be able to generate the mass of the electroweak bosons, hence their mass formula. Of course, this formula is then independent of the construction that they happen to use, and may be considered evidence for a condensate. Anyway, picture examples of particle assignments in the paper include:


  1. Ironic, that the Higgs exists in this simple way. It sits, in some sense its own entity, a single point at the centre of the particle frame. But actually, the centre comes from the triplet $(W,W,Z)$, or rather the intersection of these lines. Spin $1$ is a line, spin $1/2$ a triangle, and the central (spin $0$) Higgs a point.

  2. We see there are $6$ ways to draw a $Z^{0}$ boson on each sheet, for a total of $12$ states. These are the Fourier duals of the neutrino states, including mirrors. But now everything has a mirror, like Graham Dungworth explained so nicely a while back. The mirror into darkness and into light ...


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