Thursday, November 24, 2011

Theory Update 128

This tells us that there is another way to organise $57$ dimensions into a $3 \times 3$ array, where each lepton (including generation) is counted three times, each quark is counted twice and each mirror neutrino is counted only once. When we place mirror neutrinos on the diagonal, we have no need for gravitons, gravitinos or fairies.


  1. Here are the links on the $57$ dimensions of the $E_8$ action ...

  2. The CDF lepton jets are back. I posted about it on the N=8 cosmology thread in terms of gravitino decay, but I'm sure other explanations are possible...

  3. OK, Mitchell. Here is another old comment.

  4. Kea,

    Today I posted some informal models on numbers and some general ideas about such abstract mirrors and how we might count the entries as fractional or not- but we should be careful in the asymmetry count when such mirrors seem to go into the next generation not necessarily included in such a fundamental matrix and diagonal as you present (it is just a little more complicated than even the steps you see needed before the physicists can understand.)

    I find it interesting that Plato's triangle of ten and the Pythagorean ratios and so on was concerned with music and the number 192 which is the rigid rotation group of the hypercube.


    (BTW such posts as this could be exchanged or ignored via e-mail... I should figure out how to have the links on the side bar here as I have found I am above world average as presence on the internet. I am a little leery of changing things so as to lose them. I do not mean to complicate your efficient ergonomic blog.)

  5. ThePeSla, you need to learn how to add links to your comments. It is not difficult!

    Yes, I agree that we need to move on from the matrices, but by now you know how obsessive I can be.


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