Saturday, November 19, 2011

Koide Quarks III

On the new Koide thread, Alejandro mentions the Georgi-Jarlskog mass relation. This 1979 relation, which is supposed to hold at high energy, simply states that

$m_b = m_{\tau}$, $m_{\mu} = 3 m_s$, $m_d = 3 m_e$

which uses the original charge quark triplet at $r = 1.76$. This relation arises from (relatively nice) GUT models.


  1. Note that Dave's quark triangle has side length $3.04890$, coming from the $1.76$.

  2. I can imagine something like GUT relations applying to the path representation of the fermions. You have an action of E8 on that space...

  3. Yes, it sounds promising. And we don't have to swallow yucky things like proton decay!


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