Friday, October 21, 2011

Meanwhile Meanwhile

The dog never tires of his walks and he enjoys the rain. I might be quite alone at last, only there are still King Dudes about, who feel entitled to extensive decade long private discussions without ever citing me, because women are just there as supporters on their Path to Glory, right? I mean, why else would we exist? Women who have their own opinions about physics (oh, the horror!) are clearly just standing in the way, being a nuisance and making all women look bad (how dare they!). And like Bernhard said, there just aren't any good women in Theoretical Physics, besides a couple of string theorists, so what can the Physics departments do? He just can't think of any smart women, and women don't seem to want to work in Physics anyway, do they? Surely they need to leave and make babies during their best research years, no?


  1. From the Gender Equity report on the APS site:

    Once bias is recognized, how do
    institutions go about countering it? Two areas in which to take action were agreed upon at the conference: recruitment and retention ... fixing the leaking pipeline. When it comes to attracting more women and minorities to physics, both a climate and culture change may be necessary. This involves not just new programs and services to address women’s concerns, but a rethinking of how physics is actually done ... not the science, but the expectations and
    demands surrounding the work itself. Leadership in this effort needs to come from the top: academic department heads, research division heads, principal investigators, lab
    directors, and degree-granting institutions.

  2. Might as well say there are no women in theoretical physics, there are no alternatives to strings, there is no anti-semitism in the UK, there are no homosexuals in Iran,...

  3. Hi, Louise. Yes, and note that when they can name one token person from a minority, that entirely justifies their position.


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