Friday, August 26, 2011

Theory Update 110

As we discussed some time ago, there are a number of ways to draw twisted ribbons for octonions. But M Theory only works if we go past the octonions, to the bioctonions and beyond. Only then may algebra and geometric braids be truly united.


  1. I tried to simplify what I meant. My point in the non approved post was not about a consistent formulation, but rather exploit the fact that in Cohl's Furey triangle, the up and down quarks correspond to electrons and neutrinos. But anti neutrinos have different masses, so if you map the phase values of electrons, neutrinos and anti neutrinos to the CKM, you will obtain a very asymetrical matrix. Specifically, the difference in koide phase between neutrinos and antineutrinos should be related to UD and DU transitions, asymetrically of every generation, and electrons' to transitions between generations.

    You can see the pattern here:

  2. Kea,

    This much is obviously true (to those with a little better understanding), but we need a fresh look at the foundations for physics between the phenomena and raw information theory. The community will finally have to come back to the drawing board to make sense of things a little better- other wise their ideas are disguised as science but really are rather speculative and mystical as stated.

    If M theory works beyond complexification it must work at the foundational levels. I just read about preons and how they relate to such fundamental physics for the very problems we are trying to solve. But I think the notion of them is as narrow as pure stings themselves.


  3. Yes, Daniel, I remember writing those posts. When you have worked out the full transformation, you can write it up and send it to PRL.

    ThePeSla, yes I agree. I have never thought of preons as a fundamental explanation, which is why I avoid the term. It's like saying an engine is made of parts. Similarly with traditional M theory; nothing is explained. But the people with jobs are quite capable of changing their ways, slowly over time, without paying the least attention to us.


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