Saturday, August 27, 2011


As you can see, I am outraged, truly outraged by this latest move by the establishment PR machine. The direct observation of $\Delta m^2$ for $\overline{\nu}$ should be taken seriously. MINOS have spent a year looking for instrumental and other problems with the result, without finding anything. Good experimenters trust their data.


  1. Don't worry, MINOS is not the last experiment ever. When a more precise detector is used, the same set of data will deviate much more strongly and people will be convinced. Probably even before when people get desperate with their zombie worship being falsified.

    LHC has already accumulated 5.2fb-1. This is enough to rule out all the higgs already. By the years' end it will be a bit over 10fb-1, which will be enough to kill any fairy zombie.

  2. Daniel, the death of fairies and zombies will not convince professionals to take the MINOS result seriously. They don't understand the connection, and they will simply move onto the idea that localization in twistor gravity is what properly defines the particle spectrum. In other words, they will get to the right answer in, oh, around 2040. I will be long gone.

  3. If they don't find anything in high energies, people will turn to low energy. They will have to take you seriously someday, but I don't think it will take that long because the picture you draw is self consistent.

    What else they can think of if they do not find the Higgs boson?

  4. Daniel, as you have already noticed, I am a woman. I have been watching people take credit for my scientific ideas for 25 years. I don't expect them to stop anytime soon. I know of no exceptions.

  5. Basically you say that: 1. People won't stray off the mainstream. 2. If they do, they won't give you due credit. So basically you are hopeless. But I don't believe that. There will be people that will fight for you. I know I will.

  6. Kea, people can take care of yours ideas or not, as well as people can take care of the Matti ides, or whatever outsider in physics with independence of his gender.

    If you say that nowadays people don`t take care of an scientific work because of the gender of his author you would them have to explain why the Lisa Randall models are probably the most cited ones in phenomenology. Or why Eva Silverstein or Reanata Kallos is very well considered among string theorists. Or, even, why Sabine Hossenfander wrok get so much attention (at least in certain sectors), or why Fotini Markopolulos or, specially Renate Loll (who can be considered as the absolute leader in his subject) are so well considered in the LQG community or why there is a Emile Noether theorem, or why there are women with Nobel prizes in physics or, well, many, many other examples.

    I don't say that absolutely everyone is free of paying more attention to the work of someone dependently if the author is a male, but if the work is good be sure that the work will get attention and the author will be recognized.

    By the way, even you are getting some attention nowadays in physic forums:

    If you say me that you don't get a work as physics, well, that is different. But that is a problem for everyone. In my university a brilliant student with a very good academic expedient was not accepted for a PhD, after doing his master, simply because he was older than 30 years and his would be thesis advisor (who was an still young physics himself-around the early 40's-) simply though that with 30 was too old to do a PhD.

  7. No, Javier, I do not have to explain these things. The existence of women in theoretical physics does not disprove sexism in theoretical physics. Men who lecture me about sexism on MY BLOG are in fact guilty of sexism. When I make claims about my own peculiar situation, they are usually dismissed, as you have done, even though you don't know me. That is arrogance.

    Sure, age and other things are factors, but the only reason I am this old without ever having held a postdoc is basically because I am a woman, who cannot behave in a manly manner, or who doesn't have any HotShot dude to support me, or who won't work on string theory or LQG (because they are clearly wrong) and so on.

    Daniel, although I have always stood up for people when I saw injustice, I find this is a very rare trait. You may say you will do it now, but when you find, for instance, that your career somehow depends upon forgetting me, I expect you will change your mind.

  8. Kea, keep you up, even the stablishment can not deny the experimental evidence. Of course, the problem can also be to read what the data say, but I am sure of several arguments:

    1) The neutrino sector is essential in the whole frame.
    2) With present data Higgs boson can be excluded ( specially if it is not too heavy 128-140 GEv) or the SM and the common EWSB needs a revision. And the problem is also to explain why precision measurements fit so well.

    As I have read your post and blogs since long ago, I can understand your critics and feelings but we should not discuss about sexism in a Physics blog unless you make an entry on it. It is an interesting topic, but the mixing with MINOS is not straighforward. It is my opinion. And beyond sexism, the core arrogant people sometimes you find at institutions too, but, this is another story.

    Focusing on neutrinos, I personally think they are the key to understand many things, but the present experiments are yet hard to obtain conclusive evidences. Last year people seemed excited with the almost CPT violating spectrum, now it has been softed, but without more sigmas, it is all in the air!

    PS: Keep your constructive and great spirit with this good critical blog, do not decay into negative feelings. :D Keep your insight! :D

  9. Thank you, Juan, yes. Indeed it does seem clear that the neutrino sector is crucial for replacing the old Higgs mechanism, even if nobody yet understands the neutrino sector.

  10. Kea, my job is analyzing trademarks at a my country's Trademark and Patent Office. There is no way defending people over any issue will cause me any harm.

    In fact, I find me extremely bored and unhappy because I miss more people with open mind which are open minded and also think with logic. You are one of these people and it concerns me that stress and depression may/are taking over you.

    BTW, you are judging me too fast. My life is also much harder than the average person's. The city where I live is not architecture-wise friendly to disabled people like me. It is hard for me even to move on sideways, needless to say how much harder would be to take hikes in nature.

  11. All right, Daniel, thanks. But then it is hard to know how you could wield any influence over the physics elite.


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