Friday, August 12, 2011

Dudely Wonders Never Cease

Here I was, slowly starving to death in isolation, my life destroyed, minding my own business, treated with disdain wherever I go. But can the dudely dudes leave me alone? Oh, no. An ex work colleague from a particularly wealthy institution emails me to say that he has been reading my blog (yeah, we knew that, dude). He tells me that although he doesn't understand a word in one quite interesting looking blog post, it looks a bit like something in one of his recent simple papers (in which, of course, I am never cited). Perhaps, since he only read my blog post yesterday, his recent paper must be ahead of the ten years of research I have done on this subject. So ladies, don't forget: even with your last painful breath, the dudes will be there begging you to tell everyone how effing wonderful they are.


  1. Kea

    I think you might be protesting a bit too much here. This would be happening regardless of gender. Just power being exercised.

  2. Oh, I see, so you know all the details of the story, then? I'm just another whining, deluded feminist? So in power games in a male dominated environment, women are treated the same as men? Grow a brain.

  3. Er - I guess saying the same sort of thing has happened to me is as hollow as my brain!

  4. Yes, because I assure you that the same thing has NOT happened to you. Only in the most hollow, marketable hogwash fairy tale could your story (as horrible as it may be) ever resemble mine.


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