Friday, April 22, 2011

KITP Update

In the talk by Schlotterer, one can hear about new results in the so called spinor string formalism. Going back to older work, we see the exact same $n$ point integrals that may be described by motivic cohomology using the associahedra polytopes. Schlotterer et al consider a field theory limit of an open string picture, which is to say that open world sheets turn into discs with punctured boundaries. These boundaries are of course nothing other than the polygons that index the associahedra polytopes, and Schlotterer et al are working with vertex operators, the stringers version of an operad. It is nice to see this structure related to the color kinematic duality of Zvi Bern, relying heavily on the Jacobi identities. There can now be no doubt that operad polytopes are connected to physical scattering amplitudes.


  1. Yes, that's my thesis I linked to above. My thesis studies precisely these n point integrals. That's why the words Gluon Phenomenology are in the title. It was written in 2006, and I'm still waiting for someone to read it.

  2. Indeed the real fun starts when writing tachyon amplitudes, as you did in your thesis.


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