Sunday, April 24, 2011

Idiotic Quote of the Week

I have more concerns about the way CDF is working right now. I think a note like this [Atlas note] is not destroying the reputation of the particle scientist, but all the stuff that comes out right now from CDF (peer reviewed from the whole collaboration). I get the feeling they make 1000 analyses and claim everything a hit that's probably to be nothing, is less than a thousands. Is this science? CDF does not only claim the results, but also begins to speculate about new forces and so on. What is the motivation? At the end of the year LHC will get enough data to answer all this question. So why they can’t wait? On the other hand, is it science if the career of young graduate is destroyed just for starting a discussion of a new “result”, observation? That this note is leaked is a problem of ATLAS not the graduates.
Anonymous Coward (some grammatical errors have been corrected for comprehensibility)

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  1. I thought I should point out explicitly the idiocy of such comments, because there appear to be a large number of uninformed individuals who clearly believe they know better than all the Fermilab and CERN collaborations. Wow.


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