Sunday, April 10, 2011

Congratulations NASA

There are rumours this week that NASA has mostly given up on the space based gravitational wave interferometer LISA. I am happy to see smart science decisions coming from such an important organisation. Such decisions are not made in a scientific or economic vacuum.


  1. Good post; I may mention this subject too. LISA and an X-ray observatory were parts of a NASA astrophysics program, Beyond Einstein. Around 2007 they were both pushed out of the funding queue by JDEM, a Joint Dark Energy Mission. Now they have nothing, due to the mounting costs of the James Webb Space Telescope. Did someone say that emphasising "dark energy" is bad, very bad for science?

  2. Yes, the Dark Force has clearly been very bad for science. So bad, in fact, that no one seems to have noticed the appearance of (essentially 5 sigma) new physics (eg. at MINOS).


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