Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bumps and Fairies

Recall the recent $150$ GeV bump seen at CDF. Now a commenter on Tommaso Dorigo's blog brings our attention to the work of Gregory Moxness. Moxness predicted, in this paper, the existence of a fairy boson, based on varying fundamental constants (essentially Riofrio's law) and insights from twistor geometry. Never mind that it was called a Higgs, perhaps after the nomenclature of Lisi's work, because we know that the Higgs does not really exist. Essentially, he predicted an object with a mass of $147.989$ GeV, as observed. This figure is defined by

$m = \sqrt{2 \hbar \alpha / R_{\infty}}$

where I suppose one must be careful to interpret the terms correctly (see page $4$). I am having difficulty reproducing the number, but I only made one attempt so perhaps that is just me. Anyone else want to take a look? Here $R_{\infty}$ is the Rydberg constant and $\alpha$ the fine structure constant.

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