Friday, March 11, 2011

Quote of the Day

From today's typical email, received from a European man who fancies himself a hotshot researcher and was thinking of inviting me to Europe, until he found out that all the gossip about me was obviously correct!
Marni ... I actually personally know very successful business women and they are nothing like you. They act and are cocky like men are. They deserve respect ... I have no time to listen to modern feminist crap where it are actually men who are discriminated against.


  1. I have been invited, by someone else entirely, to a very nice conference in Europe. Is there anyone who would be willing to fund my trip?

  2. In the link "typical" above the position of Sweden is misleading. Take equality in chemistry for example, only one nation is at the top and not even mentioned in this list: Armenia.

    Give us some more information, the when and where and how much for your trip. It is sad that any nation would not fund such conferences and representatives to them. I would be willing to contribute some- but I have yet to be able to send money electronically.

    Your comment on Kalai most insightful btw.

    The PeSla

  3. Thanks for your interest, ThePeSla, but I will just carry on as usual in my own way. Yes, these country ratings are no doubt gross generalizations, especially when it comes to science. Don't you worry about the funding problem, but FYI I am hoping to make it to France by early May.


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